Process Steps

The 2 steps of claims processing are as follows:

  • Step 2

Create RAWA Profile

In order to create your RAWA profile, you are required to:

• Provide your personal details
• Provide details of all your DEFENCEX usernames, cellphone numbers and passwords
• Upload a copy of your identification document
• Provide a unique RAWA username and password which will be used to access this website
• Read and accept the RAWA Terms and Conditions of Use

All information provided will be subject to review. If further information is required, you will be notified via SMS or on your RAWA profile.

Once your information has been reviewed and your request to create a RAWA profile has been successful, you will be informed by SMS that your RAWA profile has been activated.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to proceed to Step 2 without your RAWA profile being activated.


Quantification of claims

At the conclusion of the registration and verification process, all qualifying claims will be quantified per RAWA profile.

You will be notified via Sms once your net claims statement is available for viewing.