Personal Details

Please note that you will not be able to change your first or last names, or your identification number after registration. You will be able to update your cellphone number once you have logged into the RAWA system, but not after the claims registration period has closed.

Bank Account Details

You will be able to update these details once you have logged onto the RAWA system. Please ensure that your banking details provided on RAWA are correct, since your dividend payment will be made to this account.

RAWA User Profile

Visit and click on "Login". Then click on "Forgot Password/Username" and follow the steps. If you have access to your Username click on "Reset Password".

Your account has likely been locked as a result of too many incorrect login attempts. To resolve this you can either wait for a period of 24 hours after your last login attempt to try again or contact the helpdesk.

The minimum requirement is the Defencex username and Mobile number or Password for each deposit. However, it is beneficial for you to have the combination of password, username and mobile number for each deposit.

Dividend Payout

The dividend payout will take place after the validation and verification process has been completed. The dividend pay-out will only take place after the validation process has been completed.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive money back after submitting all your information as it is dependent on specific circumstances and whether we are able to verify your information. In addition, please note that only the original deposit amount is used in calculating the dividend to be paid. As per the High Court order, no bank interest will be applied to the original deposits.

Whilst we cannot, at this stage, advise you on the actual final payout, we can inform you that we are currently carrying out the repayment administration process and have obtained High Court sanction to pay all registered users who meet the minimum criteria.

The Net Claims Statement is a statement that will include details of all claims submitted by you, and will provide a summary all your successful, rejected and split claims, net of any repayments you may have received, in order to arrive at the net claim amount which will be used in calculating the dividend due to you.

You will be notified via SMS prior to us making a dividend payment. The date of the dividend will be communicated to you within the next three months.

During the RAWA profile registration you provided details of all the Defencex usernames owned by you. All of these Defencex usernames were used to determine the total amount already paid to you prior to termination of the scheme on 28 February 2013.

Ensure that your banking details provided on RAWA is correct.  If your banking details are correct and you still did not receive your dividend, please contact our helpdesk at 012 429 0033 for assistance.

Defencex repayments refer to repayments allocated by the Defencex scheme to a specific Defencex username prior to termination of the scheme on 28 February 2013.


We will analyse the investments made by all individuals and determine the best approach to recover these funds.

Any amounts that may be due to you or from you will form part of your estate.

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